Quad Lock Bike Kit for iPhone 6/6s

Quad Lock Bike Kit for iPhone 6/6s


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  • Low profile design
  • Light, strong, secure
  • Super secure locking system
  • Multiple attachment methods

The Quad Lock Bike Kit is the lightest and strongest bike mount kit on the market. Never worry about where to put your phone when going on your trip ever again. Whether you are a recreational cyclist or competing in the Tour de France, Quad Lock allows you to secure your device to your bike, visible and within easy access. No other mounting system allows you to attach and remove your smartphone as quickly as you can with Quad Lock. No need to fumble around with plastic pouches or bulky docking cradles – with Quad Lock you just snap on your smartphone and go. Everything you need to securely mount your device to your bike or motorbike, pram, golf buggy or shopping trolley is included in the kit. With Quad Lock your phone is always where you can see it, and ready for action – just twist, lock and go! With your device securely mounted to your bike and with the convenience of having your phone visible while riding, you can safely screen calls and messages, navigate to your destination or track your speed and distance using your favourite apps. Also, unlike most bike mounts on the market the Quad Lock has a very small and discrete mount which is unobtrusive when not in use. The Quad Lock mount can be easily attached and removed using the supplied o-rings, or for a more permanent solution zip ties are also included. Recommended tube size is 25-40mm.

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