Money Belt Waist Pack and Passport Holder Travel Accessory for Men and Women

Money Belt Waist Pack and Passport Holder Travel Accessory for Men and Women

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  • 100% WATERPROOF - No amount of rain, sweat, or spilled drinks (picture yourself on vacation) can penetrate the Aqua Quest AquaRoo. A removable clear 'Joey' pouch comes included, offering you an additional layer of protection in case you're venturing into the water. Even under temporary submersion, your stuff will be completely dry!

WHY TRAVELGENIXX? It is THE premium anti-theft travel organizer offered on Amazon in terms of size, quality, comfort and design features. All our products have been tried-and-tested and optimized for the most discerning traveler. DOUBLE CONCEALMENT Fits snugly and comfortably under or over your clothing with full built-in RFID blocking for your credit cards and passports so no additional sleeves needed. All the protection you will need against electronic pick-pocketing and theft. MAXIMUM SIZE FOR EASY USE Designed to be large enough to store cash, passports, boarding passes, credit cards, I.D., keys, new smartphones and other travel accessories. Generous zippered pockets to keep valuables hidden rather than bulge through clothing. Sturdy clasp keeps money belt secure PEACE OF MIND Enjoy your trip rather than worry about theft. Deluxe fabric for all-weather trips and soft mesh backing to remain comfortable against ones skin. Adjustable strap to wear cross-body, over the shoulder or around ones waist. That’s easy stress-free traveling. MULTI-USE Perfect slim fitting belt for walking the dogs, going for a jog, hiking a trail, attending a soccer match or rock concert, or shopping at a local market. So secure it wont even come off during carnival rides or while mountain biking. Breathable, waterproof and light-weight. Does not buckle or move around one’s waist. OUR GUARANTEE We are a national brand committed to our customers. We offer a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. WELCOME ABOARD Thank you for your purchase. Have a safe trip and create beautiful memories.

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