Girlfriend Pillow with Arm – Unique Gag Gift for Men – Funny Secret Santa or Retirement Gifts

Girlfriend Pillow with Arm – Unique Gag Gift for Men – Funny Secret Santa or Retirement Gifts

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  • BEST NOVELTY GIFT for housewarming parties, Christmas, secret Santa gifts, birthdays, retirements and much more.
  • FEATURES SOFT MATERIALS with curves contoured like those of a woman, including a bosom to rest your head upon for comfort. A wonderful gift idea for men and women alike.

Greatest Gag Gift for Men. Do you have a bachelor party coming up and want a variation on the standard blow-up doll novelty gift? Looking for a funny secret Santa gift for one of your co-workers? Maybe you have an obnoxious friend that views himself to be the greatest gift to women since the mining of the first diamond, yet never seems to be dating anyone. This funny gift may just knock him down a peg or two. Perhaps you have another friend that constantly complains about being single. Why not just buy them a girlfriend and turn their whine into a whimper. No matter whom you gift this girlfriend pillow to, it’s sure to bring forth some side-splitting, pants-wetting, and milk-through-the-nose laughter for everyone involved! The original Girlfriend Pillow from Deluxe Comfort is made with soft materials designed to simulate the feel of the female form. Truly the “perfect wife”, the girlfriend pillow never nags, or acts jealous, or wants you to share your feelings. She’s there to provide a soft and ample bosom for whenever you wish to lay your head upon one. She doesn’t ask you to fix the faucet, or mow the lawn, or shovel the driveway. In fact, she comes complete with a cleaning glove on her single arm. After she tends to your needs, SHE can do the dishes (but not really, of course, haha). Ladies, this pillow is not just for men to give as gifts. It’s much more acceptable to share risque and quirky novelty gifts between genders in this day in age than it has ever been. Do you travel on business often? Leave the girlfriend pillow home in your place, and give your man something to remind him that you see all. Also the preferred pillow partner among lesbians! SECURE your SNUGGLY Girlfriend pillow TODAY!!

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