Football 3D Puzzle

Football 3D Puzzle

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  • FOOTBALL FANS - The easiest bit is taking these puzzles to pieces! a game with family and friends and see who can put puzzle together the quickest

These fabulous handcrafted wooden Football puzzles are great fun!

A Little about us – Namesakes was founded on producing unique and exclusive gift ideas that are designed and developed in the UK. We love novelty gifts ideas that offer something different to the market. Our products are fair trade, handcrafted and produced with quality in mind. We work with many artisans that use traditional techniques to craft our wonderful range of handmade gift ideas.

Our fabulous range of 3D puzzles are handcrafted from wood, sanded then varnished and polished to give them their quality natural wood finish. The footy jigsaw is mounted on base pin that holds the body of the puzzle together. Once the ball has been lifted from it base the fun can commence. The easy bit is taking the puzzle to pieces. Don’t forget the sequence of moves to enable you to rebuild the model.

The puzzles are fun ornaments or room decorations for a shelf, table top or desk. Wonderful gifts from men, women, dads, big brothers & children and suitable for boys and girls. Grown ups & kids can enjoy doing these puzzles independently or as a family together.

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