Additional Module for Netatmo Weather Station

Additional Module for Netatmo Weather Station


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  • Thanks to Additional Modules and Netatmo Weather Station you can monitor your entire house.
  • Additional Modules measure temperature, CO2 concentration and humidity.

Use the additional modules to monitor air quality throughout your home. Whether in your bedroom or your children’s room, in the living room or kitchen, thanks to the Netatmo Weather Station and its additional modules, you can now monitor the air quality throughout the whole house. Place an additional module in each room of the house and measure the temperature, the CO2 and the humidity in the room. You can then access all this information easily from the iPhone or Android app or the WebApp, while in the house or from the other side of the world. Add up to 3 additional modules to your Netatmo Weather Station. The additional modules are sold by the unit and work with the Netatmo Weather Station, sold separately.

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