Awesome Foursome Novelty Joke Golf Balls

Awesome Foursome Novelty Joke Golf Balls

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  • 4 Novelty Jokem Golf Balls

These are the best golf jokes in the world, that’s why they are known as the Awesome Foursome. They are 4 ordinary looking golf balls with a difference. In each pack you get one of each of these: 1)The Unputtaball – The ball will jump, baulk, and gyrate making it impossible to putt. This ball is reusable. 2)The Jetstreamer – The ball ejects a 15 feet spiralling, streaming ribbon on impact. 3)The Phantom – The ball will vanish on impact into a watery mist. 4)The Exploder – The ball will explode into a cloud of dust on impact. Each ball is individually boxed as shown in the photo. Know someone who thinks he is better than Tiger Woods. Give them one of these to play with and they will never live it down. They won’t realise that it isn’t a normal golf ball until after they have hit it. Perfect for a friend or a relative who likes golf. Take these for a round and you will have hours of fun with them. Four Hilarious golf stories to share over and over again.

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